History of RE/MAX Curacao

In recent years, Real Estate Agency RE/MAX BonBini has become the largest and best-selling real estate agency in Curaçao.
It all began in 2005 when the founders of the agency, Hans and Margriet Vervoord, started looking for a property in Curaçao from the Netherlands. During their search they encountered many problems and they decided that the service of real estate agents in Curaçao should be better. Far better.

The beginning:
In March 2006, Hans Vervoord went to Denver, Colorado where the head office of RE/MAX International is located, the world's most successful real estate organization. An exclusive franchise for the island of Curaçao was signed in Denver. The main reason to buy a franchise formula famous worldwide was to reach buyers unfamiliar with the island of Curaçao, with the added bonus of RE/MAX's reputation. This has turned out to be a good choice; today, RE/MAX Curaçao still sells many houses to foreign buyers.

Since November 2006, the head office has been located at Riffort Village in Willemstad, Curaçao. This location was chosen because it is easily accessible for both tourists and Curaçao locals. Moreover, it is a very attractive place to meet customers! In 2009, a second sales office was opened at Blue Bay Resort and in 2015 a third RE/MAX office has opened at the Caracasbaaiweg in the new 'Eden, Shoppers Paradise' shopping centre. All three offices are at your disposal for all your housing needs throughout the whole week and if you prefer to make an appointment at the weekend, this is possible as well!

RE/MAX BonBini also has a real estate office in Aruba. All our listings can be found online at www.realestate-curacao.com and www.houseforsale-aruba.com 

Changing times:
Real estate has changed considerably in recent years, and this is true for Curaçao as well. The people at RE/MAX BonBini Curaçao keep abreast of the times and do not see change as a threat but as an opportunity. The team never stands still, but is continuously on the move, always looking for new ideas and always making the customer's needs the main focus. All employees share the same goal: to serve their customers as well as possible. Every day.

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