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Selling real estate on Curacao with RE/MAX BonBini

No matter if you want to sell your apartment, your house, a commercial property or a lot on Curacao – RE/MAX BonBini has the right agent for you. Our real estate agents are always looking to help you sell your property at the best possible price, in the shortest period of time and at the greatest convenience to you. Check out some of the advantages of working with our agents below:

1. Experienced agents supporting you from start to finish and beyond
There is plenty to think about when selling a home and important aspects of a transaction can easily be overlooked by homeowners lacking the proper experience. Working with RE/MAX, a high-trained Real Estate Agent supports you throughout the the selling process, offering all the services you need to secure the successful sale of your home.

Starting from correct pricing to match the market demand through, to preparing and marketing your home for sale, and handling all of the legal requirements and documentation. Your RE/MAX agent will make selling as easy as possible for you. 

2. Effective marketing under a recognized Brand
Our RE/MAX agents will prioritize just the right combination from a wide range of proven marketing and advertising activities – selecting the most effective tools to promote your home – all whilst taking advantage of a brand name that attracts qualified buyers from around the local market and from qualified buyers around the world.

Through our practice of cooperative selling, your home will gain exposure to the network of RE/MAX agents as well as real estate professionals throughout the industry, significantly shortening the time to market. Thus, you can benefit from the strong awareness of the RE/MAX brand that makes interested buyers primarily turn to us.

3. Profit from RE/MAX BonBini's Real Estate website

Our website is visited by 8.000+ unique visitors from all over the world on a weekly basis and we have 5.000+ followers on social media - we only need 1 buyer/tenant for your property!

4. The proven track record of RE/MAX BonBini Curacao
Since 2005, our team has sold and rented thousands of properties in Curacao - we are the most experienced and have the largest network.

5. Media presence and awareness
We present your home online with professional photos and often also a with virtual tour, to enable clients to walk through the property on-line!

6. Our team of 20+ independent agents
All our agents are independent entrepreneurs and are therefore highly motivated professionals that offer the best possible service. Each agent has its own specialization so that there is always a match for you.

7. Cooperation with Brouwer Appraisals
Close cooperation with Brouwer Taxaties, a leading property appraiser in Curacao, allows our team to have appraiser expertise and historical sales data - we can offer well-founded advice about the selling price of your property.

8. Extensive Customer Base 
Every month we send a newsletter to more than 12,000 potential buyers worldwide who have all been in contact with REMAX BonBini at some point. In addition, we have a waiting list of buyers for some parts of the island.

9. Multiple Offices and Teams
RE/MAX BonBini has 3 sales offices spread across the island so that we are easily accessible for you and also for potential buyers. Our main office is located at the Carcasbaaiweg 280, we have an office at the Blue Bay Resort, and we have an office at the Coral Estate Resort.

10. The RE/MAX International Brand
No one in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX and RE/MAX agents have on average more experience and relevant training per person than agents from other international brokerage chains.

11. Compliance
Our office has 2 compliance officers and meets all compliance requirements set by the government so that for you as a seller there is no risk that a sale falls through.

12. We love our job!
We love selling real estate and are happy to serve you!

If you are interested in selling your property, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to help!

Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX

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