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RE/MAX BonBini Curacao Information Invest in Curacao -doing business on the Caribbean

Invest in Curacao -doing business on the Caribbean

In addition to being a tourism destination Curaçao is also a well-known international business center.
Located at the crossroads of major shipping routes, Curaçao has an affluent economy, a low rate of inflation, a stable currency (pegged to the US dollar) and one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean.
The island also has an excellent business infrastructure, including the region's largest deep-water port, a state-of-the-art container transshipment terminal, superior telecommunications and a full service international airport.

Relationship with the Dutch Kingdom

As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curaçao has close juridical and political ties to the Netherlands. The island is a politically stable parliamentary democracy.
Businesses that operate in Curaçao have special access to markets in both the European Union and the United States.
A special Association Agreement with the European Union allows companies which do business in and via Curaçao to export many products to European markets, free of import duties and quotas.
Curaçao is a beneficiary of the US Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI). The island is also a gateway to Latin American and Caribbean markets.

Investment Possibilities

Investment possibilities in the growing tourism sector include hotel properties, restaurants, dive shops, water sports, and so on.
There are special loan and grant programs for commercial investment in tourism-related projects to stimulate the renovation of historic buildings.
Curaçao also offers opportunities for foreign investment in manufacturing and industry. Long lease sites and multi-purpose industrial buildings are for rent at competitive rates in the fully serviced Industrial Park. Local trading companies can manage the marketing and distribution of a company's products.
Many trading companies manage the distribution of their products via Curaçao. At the Curaçao Free Zone, goods for export can be stored, manufactured, processed, assembled, packed, exhibited and released from bond, free from all duties and customs fees. Export promotion support is available.
Curaçao is developing into a major Caribbean logistics center. The seaport and airport are in key positions to become transshipment points for people and merchandise. Both are making substantial investments in infrastructure and related services, including telematics.

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