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Rent a home on Curacao

1. The advantages of renting

If you are an expat, intern or you do not know the island very well before you decide to move here, then renting is a great place to start. Renting offers more flexibility than owning - you can move somewhere else relatively quickly. Often rental homes are offered completely furnished which is great if you do not plan to live here more than just a few months or years. If you are looking for a rental home in Curacao then keep reading:

2. How to find a place to rent

First of all, think carefully about the type of property you'd like to rent and which best suits your lifestyle. Are you best suited with an apartment or a home with a large garden? Do you want the home to be furnished or do you prefer unfurnished? You can make a first selection on this list of rental homes in Curacao! 

Here you can find more than 150 rental homes, all with additional information, such as number of bedrooms, date of availability and a minimum of 10 photographs, so you can really get a good idea of what the property is like.

3. What to look for on viewings

When you have decided on properties that you like, contact a RE/MAX agent. The agent will answer any questions you might have and will help you find the perfect home. Also the agent will arrange a viewing of the property with the home owner. Make the most of this opportunity by:

  • Checking how well the property has been maintained
  • Noting how much storage space there is
  • Finding out which furnishings will be in the property when you move in
  • Asking yourself how secure it feels? Is there access from rear gardens and alleys?
  • Asking the realtor if any works are planned or new houses are going up nearby - this will add to noise
  • Talking to neighbors - ask them what it's like to live there

4. How to beat the crowd

Good places go fast, so here are our tips for getting ahead of the rest to secure the best property:

  • Start viewing in good time. A lot of properties are offered a few months before they are ready to move into
  • Have a cash deposit fee ready (and get a receipt for it)
  • Have your passport and full address available- the agent will need these for the reference check
  • Copies of references from your employer and previous landlords may also be needed

5. Budgeting and finances

Once you think you have found somewhere you like, things to ask the agent are:

  • What bills (if any) are included in the rent? Are there any charges for the cleaning of communal areas etc?
  • How much is the deposit (usually one month rent) and when is the rent reviewed?
  • Will there be a fixed term in the tenancy and, if so, for how long? Is the tenancy extendable after the fixed term has ended?

Following new Dutch laws, the agents commission is paid by the home owner when the house is rented to a private person. Renters do not pay commission to the agent for finding them a rental home.

6. Things to do before moving in or out

Moving in day. Great, you are ready to move in. Here are some tips to make moving in day as smooth as possible:

  • Use a good moving company
  • Save time and cost by doing some of the packing yourself
  • Inspect the property together with the owner / property manager / agent and specify in writing any necessary repairs
  • During this inspection, also sign the inventory list (if applicable)
  • Check out the best value utility contracts for your new property well in advance and read your meters on moving in day
  • Redirect post well beforehand
  • Prepare a standard letter to notify utility providers, banks and anyone else who needs to know what your new address is
  • Take out contents insurance to protect your possessions
  • Set up your standing order to pay rent so it's in the owners’ account on time

Do you want to rent a house in Curacao? Take a look at what we have to offer!

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