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RE/MAX BonBini Curacao Information Buy or sell properties in foreign currencies (USD/Euro)

Buy or sell properties in foreign currencies (USD/Euro)

Various currencies on this website
In an international environment like Curacao, objects are listed in various currencies. On our website, objects are offered in Antillean guilders, US dollars or Euros. The website converts the advertised asking prices into various currencies on a daily basis.
You can choose at the top right of the website in which of the three currencies mentioned above you want to display the prices on the site.

When the currency in which the asking price of the object is displayed, differs from the currency in which it is offered for sale, this amount may change per day. You can therefore not derive any rights from these converted prices.
At the bottom of the information text of each object is stated in which currency that specific object is offered. The selling party is the one who determines in which currency his object is offered and this is a decision that must be made well-considered.

Sale in USD or Euro
If an object is sold in a foreign currency (USD or Euro), this is at the expense and risk of the seller and buyer and parties must be aware of all possible consequences and risks that this entails.
Neither the seller nor the buyer can hold the real estate agent or RE/MAX BonBini liable or responsible for the levying of any (bank) costs, the license fee, damage or claims with regard to any differences/shortages caused by fluctuations in exchange rates.

Payments through the notary's office
The notary office responsible for the execution of the deed of sale is the right party to submit further questions about the money flows. All payments related to a sold object are made through bank accounts of the notary's office, not through the estate agent. Notary offices on Curacao often have various onshore and off-shore bank accounts in various currencies, the situation is therefore different per office.

If you have any further questions or need advice - please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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