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RE/MAX BonBini Curacao Information How to apply for an Investor Permit for Curacao

How to apply for an Investor Permit for Curacao

The Investors Permit is a residence permit for foreign wealthy investors who want to stay on Curacao for a certain period of time. Please note: the Minister intends to halve the investment amounts below. However, this change has not yet been adopted.

The purpose of the Investors Permit is for wealthy foreign nationals to invest on Curacao (by buying real estate or making a business investment) and thereby contribute to the island's economy. Here are the conditions that foreign investors must meet to be eligible for an Investors Permit.

How much do you have to invest for a residence permit for investors / Investors Permit on Curacao?

The investor must demonstrate by official documents that he has made or wants to make a business investment with a value of at least NAf. 500,000.

When an investor has a business investment of at least NAf. 500,000, = this will get a residence permit for Curacao for a period of 3 years. In unchanged circumstances, this residence permit will be extended for the same period at the end of the 3 years.

If the investor makes an investment of NAf. 750.000,= the residence permit will be issued for a period of 5 years and will be extended by another 5 years after that period if the circumstances remain unchanged.

With a business investment from NAf. 1.500.000, = a permanent residence permit is issued.

To apply for a residence permit, fees (from NAf. 1,720, =) and fees (from 145, =) are payable.

Curacao residence permit for family members of an investor

Family members of an investor who has been assigned an Investors Permit also receive a residence permit for Curacao. This is based on the family reunification / family formation scheme. However, if the permit of the main applicant / investor expires, the residence permit of his family members will also expire.

Other details Investors Permit 

The government of Curacao may refuse a permit if it cannot be demonstrated that the investor will have sufficient means of support. The government may also withdraw the permit in some cases. An example of this is that the investor's residence permit is revoked if he commits a crime and is sentenced to an unconditional prison sentence of 3 months or longer.

Investors from a few countries must deposit a deposit when they apply for the Curacao residence permit.

Documents for your application for a residence permit Curacao
  • proof of your health insurance
  • declaration of good behavior
  • a copy of your original birth certificate
  • bank statement from a local bank stating that you have made a local business investment of at least NAf. 500,000
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