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Radio advertisement Terms & Conditions

Did you hear our radio advertisement and do you want to know more about the free virtual tours as well as the free valuation for your home?

Check below for the terms & conditions

Free Virtual Tour:
When you start selling your property through RE / MAX BonBini, your broker can arrange a virtual tour for the property. With a virtual tour it is possible for potential buyers to walk through the home via their computer or smart phone. This is greatly appreciated by customers who want to buy a home because they can get a much better impression of the home than just through photos or video images.

The costs for making and placing this virtual tour online are paid by your RE / MAX broker. The making / not making of the images is therefore determined in consultation with your RE / MAX broker and no rights can be derived from the statements made in the radio advertisement.

Free valuation:
In addition, your RE / MAX BonBini broker can offer you a free valuation of your lot or property. This is done after you have signed an exclusive 'service agreement' for the sale of your lot on property. With the valuation it is easier for you as the owner to determine a market-compatible asking price for your lot or property in consultation with your RE / MAX broker.

Click here to watch all our homes with a virtual tour!

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