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Curacao’s Private Foundations

Curaçao’s Private Foundations offer an ideal way to invest in the island’s booming property market. A little-known wealth planning vehicle offers asset protection for those seeking to enjoy this Caribbean paradise

The picturesque towns and golden beaches of Curaçao make the most developed island in the former Dutch Antilles a popular destination for Europeans and Americans seeking retirement or second homes. That’s why real estate purchases are booming there.

The Caribbean island has high living standards, good infrastructure and great international connections via direct flights to the capital, Willemstad, from the US, South America, elsewhere in the Caribbean and the Netherlands.

The beautifully preserved 17th and 18th-century Dutch buildings in Willemstad, golf courses and opportunities for scuba diving at the 65 highly regarded dive sites all serve to attract tourists. Even better, the island lies outside the hurricane belt, making it a very attractive place to invest.

And as part of the Dutch kingdom, Curaçao is an economically stable parliamentary democracy that follows Dutch guidance on corporate governance, with a currency pegged to the US dollar – all of which offers reassurance to potential investors.

Curaçao has a diversified economy and a strong rental market. The pillars of the economy are its financial sector, refinery sector, logistics – including aviation, maritime and trade distribution – and of course its tourism industry. So this certainly is a great time to invest in real estate there, as demand for luxury properties is growing strongly.

Source: Intertrust Group

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