Mundo Nobo - Monumental building known as Former Quarantine Building | € 272.261

Mundo Nobo - Monumental building known as Former Quarantine Building

€ 272.261

Property details

Price: € 272.261 Year built: 1853
Available: Immediately Lot size: 19,052 sq ft
Size: 13,401 sq ft
Project: Monumental properties

Are you in the market for a monumental building for sale in Curacao? Over the past few years, an increasing number of monumental buildings have come on the market, were purchased and redeveloped. Since we are real estate professionals we can only applaud and encourage the sustainable redevelopment of cultural heritage. This way, these impressive objects will be preserved to enjoy and teach us now and hopefully many generations to come.

Former Quarantine Building Mundo Nobo

 The object we are offering for sale is commonly known as Former Quarantine Building Mundo Nobo, but also as Succursaal Hospitaal Mundo Nobo.
Succursaal means as much as annex or auxiliary branche. This building seems to have been constructed as annex of the Quarantine Hospital Mundo Nobo, the building that currently hosts the Curacao Museum.
Curacao was not safeguarded against contagious diseases in the nineteenth century, and the need arose for a separate facility to care for patients suffering from those.
After the Royal Engineers Company completed a  first quarantine hospital in 1853 in classical plantation house style, a second, so called Succursal Hospital was completed in 1856. The design of this annex was remarkably different: square shaped and more austere. This so called Classicistic construction style became more popular during the second half of the nineteenth century and this building is known as the first Classicistic building in Curacao.
A few typical Classicistic features stand out: the block shaped structure, the indenting and protruding corner stones, the profiled cornices and the decorations above the second floor windows.
The Succursal Hospital is a 3-story square shaped building with a flat roof. The front of the building hosts a basement of unknown measurement. The outside measures of the building are 16,15 x 25,7 – 415 m2. With three full stories, this results in a 1.245 m2 of usable floor space.

Opportunities for sustainable redevelopment

This building comes with a ready-to-go redevelopment plan, featuring 12 apartment units. The building, however, would also be perfectly suitable to host a small hotel, student housing or office units.
Within the zoning plan, both commercial and residential use is covered and also the division in condominium rights is permitted.


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Otrobanda Curacao

Otrabanda is a historically important quarter of our capital, Willemstad, Curaçao. This beautiful district came to a bloom when the once walled city of Punda, Willemstad, became overpopulated.

Otrobanda stands 'the other side’ and is connected to Punda by the Queen Emma Bridge (also known as "The Swinging Old Lady”). If you travel by car from Punda to Otrobanda, you use the Queen Juliana Bridge.

Otrabanda has a several highlights like: the brand new hospital (2019), the  famous  Kura Hulanda Hotel, Restaurant The Gouverneur and the modern shopping mall and movie theater at Renaissance Resort and Casino. The Brionplein (Brion Plaza) is the centerpiece of Otrobanda’s waterfront.

Willemstad has over 700 UNESCO listed buildings and many are located in Otrabanda. Most of these buildings have been restored and renovated to serve as homes, shops, restaurants and hotels.

Otrabanda is hip and upcoming and a very popular place to live!

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