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Nick Miro
Sales Associate
M  +5999 - 670 9239
E  nick@realestate-curacao.com


Winner of the "Executive Club Award"  2011, 2012 & 2013 & 2014 & 2015
Accredited Commercial Professional 2014
Winner of the 100% Club Award 2016
Certified SDIRA 2017

Nick began his post university work abroad. He was born in New York and uses his B.A. in Economics, varied experiences in the financial services sector including wealth management, stock brokerage, trust/offshore fiduciary services and a strong customer service approach to offer effective real estate services. Nick speaks English and Russian.



We would like to say a few things about an outstanding real estate agent,Nick Miro. We purchased a condo in Curacao nine years ago and enjoyed visiting the island that we had come to love. Upon hitting that 70th birthday, we decided that we should start the selling of our condo. We were referred to Nick by someone that knew him well and upon meeting Nick, we felt that he could get the job done.  He knew the island,the market and ties with people that had visited the island and were looking for property. We had to come back to the states but felt we had left our condo in good hands. During the process, he kept us informed of every detail concerning the sale and every time he showed it to buyers,he always called with an update. Even though we were thousands of miles away, Nick made us feel like we were on the island. Once he found a buyer, he kept us aware of the process that was happening and followed up with info including talks with the Notary. We have purchased many homes in our life and must say that Nick went above and beyond what we expected. We came to the island as usual during the winter time and met Nick for lunch to again thank him for "a job well done". Our lunch was cut short as he had a teacher conference with his daughter and we were glad to see that not only is he an outstanding agent but a hands on father as well. If anyone wants to buy or sell property, call Remax and ask for Nick. You will not be sorry.    
Gary and Ginger Marshall, United States

My wife and I visited Curacao on a few occasions and fell in love with the island and it’s people.
On one trip we decided to look at properties and found a listing, we called and made an appointment and were very fortunate that Nick was the listing agent.  We were unsuccessful in finding a place on that trip though we received a ton of very useful information  from Nick and really felt like we had made a friend.  

We kept looking for something that met our criteria and eventually found a listing we thought was perfect.  We immediately contacted Nick to see if he could help us.  Even though this was not his listing, he was eager to help.  He made all the arrangements for us to see the property, meet the owner and supported us through  the offer and buying process.  He never gave up, even when we found a last minute issue (we were in the solicitors office for the signing when discovered!) and was the result of miscommunication between me and the seller/ developer.  Through his persistence, we were successful getting in touch with the developer who was in Bonaire and getting the appropriate modifications to the contract to resolve our issues.  He then worked with the solicitors to reschedule the signing for that evening and again accompanied me to the office (with his beautiful young daughter in tow) so I wasn’t there alone.  

I own three other properties in the US and can tell you that Nick not only met my expectations but far exceeded them with his knowledge and personal attention!

Kevin Hogan, New York, United States

Thanks to Nick and his perseverance I was able to sale my house in Curacao. He took the time to take the best photos of the house so they could go to the Remax webpage. He advised me on prices in the market and I was able to sell during a buyer's market at a relatively good price. His service was personalized, discreet and reliable. Constant viewings and on time which were always appreciated.
Gustavo Sever, Bolivia, South America

Namens de familie wil ik laten weten dat wij erg blij zijn geweest met Nick Miro als onze verkoopmakelaar. Het huis wat hij voor ons heeft verkocht lag in het hogere prijssegment en de belangen daarom groot.
Nick heeft zich het huis goed eigengemaakt en kende alle details. Natuurlijk moet je de ware koper vinden en uiteindelijk is dat gelukt.
Ik heb in de contacten met Nick nooit een probleem gehad met het tijdverschil met Nederland; de reacties over de email of wanneer nodig telefonisch, kwamen snel.
Toen de koop op verzoek van de kopers erg snel afgesloten moest worden bij  notaris Burgers, Fung-A-Loi, heeft hij ook vinger aan de pols gehouden en het tijdschema in de gaten gehouden dat de koop op tijd kon passeren.
Het was fijn dat hij voor ons langs is geweest bij  Aqualectra om de overbrugging naar de nieuwe kopers soepel te laten verlopen.
Ook toen er net na de koop een probleem was met vloertegels heeft Nick als een tussenpersoon bemiddeld, naar de kopers toe.
Het blijkt dat Aqualectra niet de eindafrekening wil terugstorten en ook daar wil Nick bij helpen. Het zijn juist die kleine dingen die maken dat wij Nick Miro willen aanbevelen bij vrienden, als zij iets gaan zoeken op Curaçao!!!

Family Kwakkelstein, Netherlands

We had the pleasure of working with Nick on the purchase of our current home. It is a challenge to be concise in describing the kind of service we received from Nick. It is not often that someone's aptitudes leaves you without any exact words to describe them.

First of all we must say that he handled every question and doubt that came up during the process efficiently and professionally. He had the ability to follow up on a very swift basis and delivered on everything he promised. From the beginning and throughout the closing process he was just, constantly, on top of everything. We specially appreciated his constant calmness, dedication and commitment. Even though it was a very long and complicated negotiation, what made the whole process very exhausting he remained patient and supportive. At the end, we couldn't be happier with our home and we must say that his attention to detail, efficiency and perseverance made the whole experience memorable.
Carol Jenkin & August Palm, Curaçao

I have been working with Nick for several years now and can only highly recommend his service. He listened to my specific wishes and was always able to deliver in a very timely fashion. He was very attentive to my personal needs and guided me through the processes renting properties and also on purchasing a home for my family. I can only highly recommend contacting Nick for any real estate questions and I would certainly make use of his service again in the future.
, Germany

We met Nick Miro from Remax during our stay in Curacao in 2014. Months before we checked via Internet all available objects hoping to find something that fits. On Curacao Nick helped with his experience to preselect again, gave us important informations about the real estate market and so we were able to find our perfect new home. In the following months he showed his real qualities: The seller changed his mind several times, didn't want to sell, wanted to sell, didn't react on mails or phone, ... A war of nerves started. Nick never gave up and was at last successful to arrange the difficult deal. Now we are lucky owner of a beautiful house. Thank you so much!
Family Jofer, Germany

Nicolas was one of the most perceptive, thoughtful students I have taught at LIU-Post and elsewhere (NYU, Queens College, CUNY, The New School University, Stony Brook) in fifty years of teaching philosophy. He is also an endearing and sweet person, who is honest and trustworthy to a fault. Hire him, he is a jewel.
Arthur Lothstein, Long Island, USA

I recently rented a house through Nick Miro.  The positive attitude held by him helping me at all times was pleasing.  Thank you Nick for your professionalism and enthusiasm keeping me informed all the time.  You are a great real estate agent! 
Gaby Carrasquel, Curacao

We had lived in Curacao for almost 10 years and had to return to Europe, leaving the sale of our property in the very capable hands of Nick. Whilst the house was on the market Nick was able to source rental tenants until such time a buyer was found. Nick has been a great support and resource and we have felt very comfortable leaving the property in his capable hands whilst not being physically present ourselves. Nick has been extremely attentive, polite and punctual in responding to any queries and he certainly did a very good job for us and we are very grateful for his help.
Graham and Helle Walker, Jersey, Channel Islands

We met Nick back in 2012 when we purchased a home in Curacao. Since our initial meeting, Nick has been a wealth of knowledge to us in the real estate market and has now help us secure a long term rental for our property. Throughout both experiences, Nick remained engaged in all of the details and gone above and beyond to assist us with all of our many questions. I cannot recommend Nick enough to assist with all facets of real estate.  
Stephanie Wade, United States of America

I moved to Curaçao for employment reasons and a new life adventure.  One of the most immediate challenges I knew I was going to face when I got here was finding myself a new home which could meet the expectations I had as a home owner in the USA.  I had certain expectations and desires for how I lived and I knew that finding a suitable rental which fit my needs was going to be difficult as I only had a limited knowledge of the locales.  The best thing I did was find Nick Miro.  He understood my wants and sought out the most attractive properties for me, all in a timely and diligent manner in which you will only find in a true professional.  Nick was prompt, understanding, and well versed in the local scene which gave me a better understanding of the neighborhoods which best fit my lifestyle.  Without Nick I wouldn't be as happy as I am today. 

Brian Marker, United States of America

Nick Miro is the fastest and most attentive real estate agent we ever met; most important is his punctuality and strong professional qualities. Nick found for us the most comfortable apartment in the most suitable location and in the shortest time. We are truly recommending RE\MAX agent Nick Miro for any assistance you may require for property consultation.
Yigit Oktenoglu & Ganna Bankova, Turkey & Russia

Wij hadden onze zinnen gezet op het perfecte huis. Alleen was deze wat aan de hoge kant voor ons. Door de hulp van Nick Miro kregen we het toch voor elkaar. Hij werkt direct en snel en is heel fijn als bemiddelaar. Geen standaard makelaar maar eentje die echt naar je luistert en hier zo snel mogelijk werk van maakt.
Mr. and Mrs. de Leur, Curacao

I've lived in Curacao for 8 years, and have dealt with numerous realtors, but every now and then you find someone that really goes the extra mile to make sure you are getting exactly what you want as the valued customer. Nick Miro was a real pleasure to work with; he stood up for my needs and desires as a client, and I really got a sense of loyalty that you don't often feel from realtors. His communication was round the clock, and always very professional. The process of buying or renting a property is stressful enough, it's nice to have someone acting as an agent that really makes the process much easier like Nick did for me!
C. Mc Donnell, United States

We would like to thank Nick Miro for his efforts in successfully finding a tenant for our home. Despite a large market inventory Nick was able to gather a sizable prospect list and in the end secure a renter in good time.
Edwards Carrasco, Switzerland

I moved over to Curacao for employment and in search of a new challenge. One of the heavier challenges I faced was searching for the right property that would meet all my needs. In early May of 2012 I had the privilege to have an at-length telephone discussion with sales associate Nick Miro from the Curacao RE/MAX agency. First of all it was a pleasure to speak with a representative originally from the United States who could communicate with me in familiar terms. Second the process of finding a suitable rental property took a remarkably quick time despite my detailed criteria list. The service was efficient and immensely satisfactory. I am very grateful for Nick Miro's understanding and attention and advise his work to anyone seeking to navigate themselves comfortably for property on the island and in an international environment.
Adam Skerven , United States

Nick Miro is the quickest and most attentive real estate agent we ever met! Positive attitude and punctuality are also his strong professional qualities. We are grateful to Nick for making our renting-hunt an easy one hour deal.
Vladimir & Larisa Dubovik Novitsky , Canada

Opening a restaurant is an ordeal of gargantuan proportions to say the least. One of the challenges the project faces is finding a suitable location and venue in order to match the thematic elements of your growing concept. Sales associate Nick Miro of the RE/MAX agency on Curacao was guiding us on an accurate path from the beginning. Nick was able to pin point the factors necessary in order to obtain the optimal location including high traffic areas, prominence, ample parking space and a distinguished building layout. In the end and after multiple visitations, the property which we opted for not only checks these boxes, but as a bonus contains strong hints of island history and charm. As the opening day approaches we cannot be more delighted with the location of choice and know full well the property will support us with our goals and aims to offer the finest dining experience available on Curacao.

David & Susan McHugh , United States

Allow me to introduce myself. I am one of the Forefathers of the Curacao Tourist Industry. Last year I felt it was time to sell my property (for 50 years an advertising agency venue of ours). However to my disappointment an entire year flew by without even a hint of a serious sale. We began to lose hope, when lucky for us, Nick Miro, a young eager pro-active sales associate from the RE/MAX real estate people phoned me to say he had a strong prospect for the property.

Nick was highly diligent and determined to complete a sale for us. As an active, and the oldest member of the Curacao Rotary Club I was pleased to do business and hand over my property to a young professional who exemplifies the characteristics of a Rotarian...Integrity and service...in business and profession. Once again, thank you, Nick...
Rudy Dovale , Dutch West Indies

Arriving to the island from abroad could have been a more daunting experience had it not been for the professional guidance of Nick Miro, our sales associate at RE/MAX Curacao. The sort of property we had our eyes set on was one situated within good distance to the office for work, fairly priced and with a sizable living space including large storage room. Nick brought us to a family home found within 10 minutes car ride to work, walking distance to the nearest grocery store and great space including even a room which we had converted into a child friendly play area for our son and all his little friends! We are truly content with our stay and can recommend Nick Miro for any consultation and property search on the island.
Elijah & Beth Pollock , Canada

My fiancée and I had been living on Curacao for quite some time, always in a rental situation. When our daughter was born here, we decided it was time to purchase a home on the island, and our agent Nick Miro guided us in the direction we needed. We began our search looking at houses and then decided we preferred a condominium type of arrangement. Throughout the process Nick was able to accommodate our changing needs and provide us with extremely personal service, always keeping our preferences in mind. He will always be our first choice for any future property needs.
Michelle Radhay & Nicholas Porter , Curacao

I was relieved to receive help from the sales associate Nick Miro of the RE/MAX Bon Bini real estate agency. Arriving from Venezuela and not being long on the island makes finding a rental home more difficult, however thank you to Nick Miro I will now reside in a comfortably furnished apartment centrally located in a gated community within a comfortable budget and even having a view to the ocean! I am very happy now that moving to island has become a much more enjoyable and relaxed experience.
Juan Luis Safina, Venezuela

Nicolas Miro was our agent handling the sale of our waterfront property at Playa Lagun. He was highly professional, providing prompt and courteous service. I would describe our relationship in this matter as a partnership. He identified prospects rapidly. The house was sold within one month. I can recommend him to buyers and sellers.
Pierre and Maurene Lalonde, Ontario, Canada

Nick Miro was the sales associate with whom I worked to help me find a new rental property on the island. His timeliness and effective means of communication brought forth a result which we were very pleased with in the end. Thank you Nick Miro and RE/MAX Curacao for your recommendable service.
Paul Durward , United Kingdom

I believe there exist 5 key characteristics that make up a good realtor: accessibility, reliability, communication, foresight, truth and honesty. As our guide to selling our home on Curacao, Nick Miro clearly demonstrated these. Follow up and follow through are crucial features a realtor possesses and Nick surely had these as well. My wife and I were moving off the island to a destination far from Curacao and as our ultimate goal was to sell our home quickly, we assigned Nick with this daunting yet challenging task. Incredibly enough, Nick had sold our property within 2 months of it being listed with RE/MAX Bon Bini. I thank Nick for all his time and efforts and can recommend his services to anyone seeking a proactive quality.
Arno and Trudi Schuurhof , Halifax, Canada

Nick Miro was the sellers-agent when my wife and I were in the market for a new house for our expanding family. From the first visit to the signing of the deed at the office of the notary we got the feeling he was also trying to take our interests into account. From suggesting a first visit during bright daylight instead of after office hours to arranging a key-agreement (sleutelovereenkomst) so we were able to move before the date our first child was born.

We highly appreciated the efforts of Nick to accommodate our wishes and if we ever wanted to sell our house I know who to hire as an agent. Nick succeeds in giving both parties a good feeling by doing an excellent job.
Jean Francois Dictus, Curacao

I would recommend Mr. Nick Miro as an agent for any real estate and related business transactions. My experience purchasing a property in Curacao through Mr. Miro was pleasant and satisfying from the day we started to explore the idea of buying a resort property up until the choice and purchase. Mr. Miro went beyond his duty to help direct me with financial and legal counsel, taking the time to drive me to appointments and introducing me to different advisors. Even after the sale completion, Mr. Miro was able to support me by encouraging some related parties in fulfilling their duties unrelated to his obligation.

Gene and Susan Dobie, Alberta, Canada

Back in December of 2011 I was fortunate enough to meet with Nick Miro, the sales associate at RE/MAX Bon Bini in Curacao to guide me toward properties on the market in the Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort. I was on the island for a limited period of time and Nick, with his proactive and high energy character, was able to grab any opportunity to show me around the properties which interest me or grabbed my attention. Nick was able to schedule last minute appointments around my busy golf schedule. In the end we were able to brainstorm together about realizing my own property. Building after all was the most exciting decision which has allowed me to personalize the features of a home to my liking and satisfaction. I am very happy with Nick for providing me the professional and comfortable companionship during my search for the right decision.
Frits van der Pol , The Netherlands

I've dealt with all of the real estate agencies in Curacao over the years and the professionalism and service offered by RE/MAX in Curacao is head and shoulders above the rest, bar none. They're committed to helping you achieve whatever your real estate goals here are and will frequently go above and beyond to ensure you're fully satisfied. The team is excellent and a real credit to the RE/MAX brand.
Patrick Williams, Curacao, N.A.

I am thankful to Nick Miro, for the completion of the sale of my home in Grote Berg. Nick was very strong in his marketing and points of view on real estate value on the island from the beginning. The direct and forward preparation helped me personally to develop a clearer perspective on pricing and demand in general. A buyer was found in good time and the sale arrange at an agreeable price. I enjoyed doing business with you.
Jerry Hum , Curacao

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nick Miro for his diligent assistance in selling us our dream home on Curacao. Every requested appointment to view the home had been fulfilled promptly and efficiently. Nick even appropriated his time during two weekends to show us the property. Buying a home for the first time is not the easiest of tasks, but Nick ensured the completion of the transaction in the best way and presented us the sharpest property value possible for the given market.
Wouter Michael & Eva Pennings , The Netherlands

I already had my house at Brakkeput Abou for sale for over two years in a downwards market without any real serious buyers. After my second realtor (which as the first did not perform as expected and did not have the attention for our house as I desired) I decided to trust in Nick Miro to get the deal done. Immediately I was impressed with his hands-on aggressive approach which seemed to work really well. Nick was open and honest in his communication, proactive and gave me a weekly update on the situation. He managed to gather interested buyers on a weekly basis and within 3 months the house was sold. Nick is a fun guy to work with and I would recommend him to anyone trying to either buy or sell a house in Curacao. Thanks Nick, job well done!
Dennis Anthony , The Netherlands

I had the pleasure to meet with Nick Miro on the site of Blue Bay Golf and Beach resort after a few months of exchanging emails. We sat down discussing the newly developed property options on the market and attained a vision for the right investment that reflects our needs. Although, I did have my eyes set on a the specific property which piqued my interest from the start, Nick also took the time to show us some beautiful alternatives found on the West end of the island. Nick offered in his friendly manner the right level of guidance and comfort that our property hunt felt like vacation and we are grateful to him for that.
Pascal Frei, Switzerland

It is with great pleasure for me to make the following remark about Nick Miro. We began our relationship when I received a phone call from him about a prospect interested to rent our ocean front property. After successfully arranging an upstanding tenant we moved on to consider placing another property for sale with Nick. Although at the time the market was not so kind to supply us with a buyer in the short term Nick was proactive enough to discuss with me the idea of renting the home to a promising candidate for a controlled period of time while still keeping the property in consideration for sale. Nick made it happen again, so we continued to try and rent a third property, for which Nick was able to produce yet another a tenant within a short period of time. Needless to say we are highly satisfied with Nick's working ability and can highly recommend him to owners, renters and buyers alike. In summary, Nick is my right hand for real estate matters.
Douglas J Paz, Venezuela

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